University of Advancing Technology

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The University of Advancing Technology is the technophile’s college experience—a community uniquely suited to provide students passionate about technology an ideal place to live and grow. UAT is a private and family-owned University that merges the values of the traditional academy with the modern technology campus, a fusion that enhances our ability to fulfill the mission of educating students in the fields of advancing technology who innovate for our future.

Learning at UAT extends from our students, staff and faculty to the institution itself. UAT’s dedication to learning is reflected in our efforts to create and develop new ways of learning that focus on the personal mission and vision of every member of the UAT community.

UAT strives to foster knowledge creation and achieve academic excellence. We are at the forefront of developing academic programs that tend to be unique among academia or emerge years ahead of other schools, such as Network Security and Robotics and Embedded Systems, as well as our established Game Development majors that merged artistic and programming aspects long before other colleges chose that focus for themselves.

At the heart of UAT’s curricula is a technology-infused campus in Tempe, Arizona. This fusion of the traditional academy with the technology-focused curricula creates a distinct, non-exclusionary university in which students learn to value their own uniqueness and the power of technology in education.

Why UAT?

When you graduate from UAT, what will be different? How will you have grown?

When you apply yourself and graduate from UAT, you will have gained a thorough body of knowledge about the world we live in and the drivers for innovation—history, culture and communication. You will learn how to think, analyze information and apply knowledge to create solutions. You will possess a deep and comprehensive understanding of technology; not just how to best work with contemporary technology, but how to adapt and utilize technology as it advances and transforms. You will possess the tools to become more than just a technician. You will be a competent professional who is prepared to create, innovate and provide leadership to the rank and file of technicians in your chosen field.

At this distinctive, private technology college, your experiences, memories and friends will last for the rest of your life, each meaningful and vivid because of your shared passion for technology. You will be prepared to build a life, a career and a future on your terms—doing what you enjoy and performing at the highest levels of technology and industry.

Will you really be ready to be an innovator?

While you may be technology focused when you arrive at UAT, you may not yet be entirely clear in your direction and how to get to where you need to be. UAT encourages students to advance society through the ethical development of tomorrow’s most innovative technologies. Each freshman crafts an idea for a technology that accomplishes this mission and, over the course of their studies, with continual feedback from professors, professionals and peers, develops this concept into a complete Student Innovation Project. Sure, you may be a math and computer whiz, but you might need guidance with goal setting and organization. When you graduate from this prestigious technology University, you will be a poised, responsible, competent adult who has mastered technology to the point that you can innovate in areas in which you once were only a user. You will know how to work effectively as part of a team to complete complex projects. You will be prepared to contribute to society and industry in significant ways that often result in groundbreaking new developments. You represent the future of technology innovation.

Will others really seek you out because you graduated from UAT?

UAT’s force is with you! As the first computer technology University in the country, UAT has earned a reputation for excellence in advancing technology education. So much so that nearly one in six of our graduates with a Network Security degree went to work for a government agency in 2010. UAT graduates are known as forward thinking innovators and capable problem solvers.

UAT’s credentials and partnerships establish it as a renowned thought leader and connect UAT to the pulse of the technology industry. The University is designated a Center of Academic Excellence by the National Centers of Information Assurance Education sponsored by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. Not just any technology college leverages the forces of its network to provide opportunities to connect you to the real world—before and after graduation.

Our esteemed alumni work for leading technology companies such as Microsoft, the NSA, NASDAQ, LexisNexis, Electronic Arts (EA), Intel, Motorola, Cummings Engineering and Neversoft, to name a few.

UAT alumni have the unique opportunity to stay current in their industries and audit classes FOREVER. Alumni are responsible for any required resources and materials. Only classes on the current schedule with free spaces are available. College credits are not earned in audited classes.

Why should you go away to college?

Obviously, there are colleges closer to home, so why should you choose a technology college further away? With respect to UAT, it makes all the difference in the world. That’s because advancing technology is who we are, and advancing technology students are who we teach and mentor. If you have an undeniable passion for technology, this is the place. Our entire culture focuses on the extreme value of learning, and the adventure of both exploration and technology innovation. Compare that to the “technology” programs at local colleges that usually don’t offer the same type of deep technology collaboration, array of sophisticated technology and industry leading degree programs. Faculty members are among the top in their fields and demand innovation in exchange for a seat in their classroom.

You might learn what the technology future will look like at a local college, but at UAT you can learn to create the future with an outstanding 13:1 student-teacher ratio purposefully designed to offer an intimate environment to a select few with the passion for technology that innovates and changes our world. As a leading technology university, UAT stands apart from those schools generating thousands of “graduates” for industry each year at a minimum level of competency. UAT’s signature Synchronic Learning model provides an individualized, enriched education experience that goes beyond teaching to mentor a group of hundreds of future technology graduates each year who will one day lead those generic degree graduates from state and community schools.

A “vocational tech” school isn’t the answer either. Our experience is that it is a never-ending uphill battle for vocational or technical school students to achieve the level of success UAT graduates typically enjoy immediately. Because they have an insight into the real world of advancing technology when they graduate, UAT graduates typically are the leaders and innovators, often directing the work of technicians who have only a training school background.


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