Concord University

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History & Future

Concord University’s Mission

The mission of Concord University is to provide quality, liberal arts based education, to foster scholarly and creative activities, and to serve the regional community.

Concord University provides rigorous programs, primarily at the baccalaureate level, which prepare students to pursue various graduate study and career options and to assume leadership and professional roles in a multicultural society. In keeping with its tradition of service to the region, the University will offer a limited number of carefully selected graduate degrees. While we incorporate a variety of educational methodologies/technologies, our size and the caring dedication of our faculty, staff and administration are the principal assurances of a quality educational opportunity at Concord University.

As a learning community, Concord University is committed to furthering knowledge through professional development activities and programs, through research, and through the application, publication, and appreciation of scholarly efforts.

The primary purpose of Concord’s mission is academic; however, the service the University provides to its state and region goes beyond the classroom. Concord University contributes to the quality of cultural and economic life in southern West Virginia through collaboration with both public and private organizations and agencies and through extension of its support and assistance into the region it serves.

Ultimately, Concord University measures its success by the fulfillment alumni find in their careers and throughout their lives.

Concord University Goals Preamble

Concord University strives to ensure that students come away from their experience with knowledge and skills that will enable them to fulfill their personal and professional aspirations and awareness in respect to their chosen discipline. The learning goals and outcomes are derived from national research and best practices surrounding liberal arts education and Concord University’s mission. Thegoals are a shared vision ofwhat is expected of all Concord graduates.The educational programs of Concord University are designed to foster knowledge/masteryof content, critical thinking, communication, and personal, civic, cultural,and global competence.

General education, the core of all undergraduate curricula, is an essential element in an educational process designed around student learning expectations. Continuous improvement of courses, curricula, and programs is essential for institutions to ensurethe improvement and sustainability of student learning and effective instruction. Assessment of general education is not only necessary to satisfy accrediting bodies and stakeholders, but to provide evidence to answer our own question –Did students learnwhat we wanted them to learn? (Assessing General Education Programs, Allen, 2006)

University Goalsand Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge/Mastery of ContentStudents will demonstrate a depth of knowledge and apply the methods of inquiry in a discipline of their choosing, and they will demonstrate a breadth of knowledge across varied disciplines.
  2. Critical ThinkingStudent will demonstrate the ability to access, analyze,and interpret information, respond and adapt to changing situations, make complex decisions, solve problems, and evaluate actions.
  3. CommunicationStudents will demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
  4. Personal, Civic, Cultural, and Global CompetenceStudents will demonstrate awareness and understanding of the skills necessary to live and work in a diverse world.

A Statement on the Philosophy of Assessment and Our University Goals

Concord’s mission is clear: to provide a quality, liberal arts educationthat fosters scholarship, creativity, and service. Our universitygoals are the principal means to assess the effectiveness of our efforts to accomplish that mission. They provide a measurable, manageable, and efficient means of assessment.They render us accountable to our students, faculty, administrators, and, as a public university, the wider community. They provide a comprehensive definition of the parameters of our mission. Finally, they are inclusive,applicable to allof Concord’s academic programs,co-curricularand other activities. (T. J. Mc Kenna, 2018)


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